Frequently asked questions

Can I apply to be a guardian even if I do not have a veteran to travel with?

AT THIS TIME WE ARE NOT TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR GUARDIANS THAT DO NOT HAVE A SPECIFIC VETERAN. Most veterans apply with a friend or family member, so we do not currently have a need for at large guardians.

When will I be notified that I am on a flight, I submitted my application a long time ago?

Please be patient. Guardians are selected based on where their veteran falls on the list. Veterans are selected according to the policies set by the National Honor Flight ( terminally ill, WWII, Korean, Vietnam,Mideast). You WILL be notified by Greater Peoria Honor Flight six weeks before the flight you are selected for.

Do I have to live in the Peoria area to be a guardian on a flight?

No, you do not have to be from the Peoria area, we accept applications from guardians in other areas. We offer several training sessions before each flight for guardians coming from out of town to accommodate different schedules. We ask that guardians make every attempt to physically attend one of our training sessions. If a guardian from out of the area is unable to attend our training, we will try to arrange for the guardian to attend a training session at an Honor Flight Hub closer to where they reside.

What is the fee to be a guardian?

A guardian pays $500 to travel with Greater Peoria Honor Flight. This fee covers your airfare, all meals, charter bus service t-shirt, hat and lanyard as well as entry into all venues. The guardian fee is due at the time of training and must be in the form of cash or check made payable to Greater Peoria Honor Flight.

Is the guardian required to attend a training session?

Each guardian is required to be trained as a guardian. If a guardian is not local they may request remote training.

Do I have to pay the guardian fee if I am a veteran traveling as a guardian?

If you are veteran traveling as a guardian for another veteran, you will be required to pay the $500 guardian fee and attend guardian training. However, we encourage you to please fill out a veteran application for yourself so that we may honor you some day.

I am a spouse that would like to fly as a guardian for a veteran. Is this acceptable?

Currently, our policy at Greater Peoria Honor Flight is to allow spouses of terminally veterans to fly with us. At this time, these are the only spouses allowed to fly with us. Our priority is to honor those who served our country in its time of need.

Will my veteran have to pay for anything?

There is no cost to the veteran for him/her to fly with us. Flights are fully funded through private and community donations.

Who pays for the trip?

Our veterans have already given so much through their service to our country. All costs associated with the veteran’s trip, including airfare to and from Washington DC, are covered by Greater Peoria Honor Flight. Guardians each contribute $500 for the honor of escorting a Hero to Washington DC. This amount helps us to offset the cost of chartering a private 737 jet. Flights are additionally funded by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, schools, military organizations, and other fraternal organizations who wish to be an important part of honoring these heroes and who recognize the urgent need to fly our Veterans to see their memorials. No funding is received from the government.

Can a family member fly as a guardian?

Guardians must be at least 18 and no more than 70 years of age and be able to easily lift 100 pounds, since they will be assisting veterans into or out of wheelchairs, up and down stairs, etc. Guardians pay for their own trip ($500) and must attend a mandatory training session.

What do I wear the day of the flight?

As a guardian, you will receive a shirt and hat at the pre flight dinner. Lanyard name tags are distributed at the airport the morning of the flight.