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It’s a simple five letter word that means “to perform duties or services for another person or an organization.

A simple word that has so much meaning.

From the time we were young girls, our mother, Shirley Hanley, instilled in us a love for our country that was beyond measure. She loved everything red, white and blue. Fourth of July was a big deal at our house. We always had an American Flag flying out in the front yard. 
She was thankful for everything that our Flag stood for. 


It was not until we were adults that we began to understand that being patriotic was more than simply parades and fireworks. We began to realize that our mother had a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the fact that our freedoms do not come free. There are many brave Veterans in America who serve their country everyday to uphold our freedom.

Growing up she taught us to take the time to THANK a VETERAN every time we see one.

She was also teaching us…Take the time to SERVE YOUR COUNTRY. For you see, our mother was not a Veteran. We are not Veterans. Many of our volunteers are not veterans. The common thread that binds us is that we have all been touched by the sacrifice the men and women of our Armed Forces make every day to protect our freedom. This is our way to SERVE our country…and we do it proudly through Greater Peoria Honor Flight.


Hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication goes into the preparation for each flight that we take---- from fundraising to outreach, from Veteran phone calls to Guardian training, from Flight check-in to your day in D.C. assisted by our Medical Team and Bus Captains to your return home that evening---- our INCREDIBLE TEAM ensures that every little detail is taken care of. We are proud here at Greater Peoria Honor Flight that we make your day of honor an extra special day that you will never forget and that we get the chance to say “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.”



Phyllis Piraino

Mary Dunaway

Margaret Williams


        Giving Our American Heroes One Final Tour with Honor!



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